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Which District of Buenos Aires for the best nightlife?

Buenos Aires is made up of 48 different neighborhoods, known locally as "Barrios", giving an overwhelming choice of nightlife locations to choose from. Here we will aim to ease that decision by giving a guide to the top neighborhoods for nightlife in the city, what they offer and how they can be compared to locations in other major cities in the world.

We have divided the listings of neighborhoods into two sections. The first is a list of the most prominent neighborhoods for nightlife in Buenos Aires, and the second a list for places that are more off the beaten trail, but which can offer a more adventurous night out away from the tourist zones.

Prominent nightlife zones for Buenos Aires

Barrio Norte: This is a very central part of BA, nestled between Recoleta and Palermo, comparable to Chelsea of London. It has great bars, restaurants, clubs and shops.
This is an amazing place to visit if you love exploring and finding thrilling things to do. Whether you're an avid clubber or a poker online champ, you'll find something you love. There's a load of places to eat, shop, drink and relax, and if you feel like dancing, you can do that too! Day or night, there's always something going on in Barrio Norte. 

Congreso: Right in the capital with some of BA's most magnificent old buildings some of the best value for rental and has an amazing feel for the history of the city. It is where is situated the famous Congress building in Congreso Plaza, a part of BA that must be seen.

The young and trendy part of Buenos Aires, many low-rise buildings, bohemian bars, nightclubs and hip restaurants. This is one the most fashionable places of Buenos Aires for nightlife and covers a huge area. Comparable to Notting Hill of London.

Puerto Madero: This modern port area is the location of some of the most expensive real estate in Buenos Aires with it's towering new buildings, smart restaurants and clubs. The security in this area is generally very high and so recommended as one of the safest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires for a night out.
Prices for going out here are some of the highest in the city, giving it a generally very exclusive feel.

Recoleta: Arguably the most affluent and attractive district of the city - beautiful old buildings, designer shops and home to the famous cemetary around which is based Recoleta Village with strings of fine restaurants, sleek bars and places to dance . Comparable to Mayfair of London.

San Telmo: This neighbourhood is a classic old part of the city with it's regal low rise buildings and houses, once home to the most affluent but now a more bohemian area (due to the plague a few hundred years ago which instigated an exodus to what is now Recoleta).
In the last few years it has started to develop back into a very fashionable hotspot of town for nightlife, with flocks of bars and restaurants opening up here.
In general it has a very bohemian feel as home to the famous antiques market on sundays with street performers, artists and cobbled streets!




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