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ad drinks
62 % BANG Rating
"878"  - Bar / Pub  in Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires
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5  Reviews
* Enjoy a late night drink * Impress a date * Drink cocktails * Thursday Nights * Friday Nights * Saturday Nights
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DESCRIPTION: A late night drinking spot on the Palermo/Villa Crespo border, popular with tourists and locals alike. Despite being supposedly 'hidden' behind an unmarked door, the bouncer waiting to open it for you kind of gives the game away.
Lively and packed on Friday and Saturday nights, during the week it's a good place to go for a quiet drink in extremely elegant surroundings. The lighting is low, the cocktail list extensive, and it seems to attract more than its share of beautiful people. A drinks promotion, before 10pm, offers two-for-one on some beverages, but watch out - they're lethally strong.
Open from 10pm daily. There's also a tapas and food menu.
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PRICES: Top end  
LOCATION: Thames 878, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires See Map
TEL: 4773 1098 WEB: http://
ad drinks  
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A cool place for some upmarket and well-mixed cocktails, but can be overly busy at weekends. You can't share drinks in the happy hour deal - two for one means two for you.

Edward from GBR came here on 12/12/2007
56%      Male 25 - 30   

This place was nice, i will go back!

Devan from USA came here on 03/09/2008
81%      Female 18 - 24   

Went during the week, I think Tuesday, so it was quiet...but more lively than most bars on a Tuesday night here in BA. The atmosphere is excellent!! perfect place to go with a few friends or lover for a quiet drink during the week.

Milly from GBR came here on 10/27/2008
75%      Female 25 - 30   

Intimate setting. Good place to go with friends or a date. Nice bar to go during the week for a quieter drink or weekends before heading out.

Joe from GBR came here on 02/04/2010
50%      Male 31 - 40   

This bar has quite a cool feel about it with it's secretive image. I found the management though a little up their own ass and the service pretty dismal.

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