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93 % BANG Rating
"Sarkis"  - Mid-Eastern Restaurant  in Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires
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* Eat exotic food
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DESCRIPTION: Here is one of those rare places which is always full, regardless of the day of the week. Sarkis is an Armenian restaurant serving up some of the tastiest and best value middle eastern cuisine in Buenos Aires. From the delicately flavoured tabulet through to the humous and spicey shish kebabs, it is a place you will not regret coming to both in terms of the high quality of food and its excellent value. Remember though that such is its popularity that you often will have to wait 40 minutes to get a table
No Reservations
Open 7 days a week from 12am-3pm & 8pm - 1am
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PRICES: Budget  
LOCATION: Thames 1101, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires See Map
TEL: 4772 4911 WEB: http://
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Delicious food and excellent value. This is up on my top list for restaurants in BA.

Margaret from USA came here on 08/20/2008
100%      Female 18 - 24   

I could eat here every day. Amazing prices for amazing food. Always packed so expect to wait for a table but the wait is most definitely worth it.

Devan from USA came here on 11/08/2008
93%      Female 18 - 24   

AMMMMMMMMAZING!!!!! Something different in this city other than pasta, pizza, meat, and milanesa is hard to find.....especially something that is worth going back to every weekend!! There is so much flavor in every dish! The prices are also unbelievable. This is a must!! in fact go tonight!! be ready for a wait though typically between 30-40 minutes, unless you get there at 8 when it opens...which i do quite often....

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