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Nightclubs - Electro/Dance/Soul Club

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50 % BANG Rating
"Club 69"  - Electro/Dance/Soul Club  in Palermo, Buenos Aires
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* Dance All Night * House/Techno * A regular organized party * Thursday Nights
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DESCRIPTION: Buenos Aires' most notorious club night, this long-running party combines an unlikely mix of transvestite strippers, b-boys and breakdancers, and banging techno. It shouldn't work, but somehow it does. Popular with backpackers, the after-work crowd and the just plain curious, the night only really gets going from 3am. Currently taking place at Niceto Club on Thursdays, but venue varies so check website for details. Admission from $15-$25.  
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PRICES: Mid-range  
LOCATION: Niceto Vega 5510, Palermo, Buenos Aires See Map
TEL: WEB: http://www.club69.com.ar
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Perhaps a victim of its own success, Club 69 is now a bit of a tourist show, though still has the ability to shock. Always busy so a good Thursday night option.

Edward from GBR came here on 04/12/2007
58%      Male 25 - 30   

This place has a good atmosphere and a pretty diverse music playlist throughout the week. When i went i saw the Cuban Brothers which was a nice surprise. The crowd seemed to be slow to get into their groove, which I suppose is to be expected in Argentina where hiphop and funk is not so prominent as say UK, but by the end everyone was loving it.

Milly from GBR came here on 10/16/2008
87%      Female 25 - 30   

Always fun and slightly shocking.

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