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"Fiesta Bubamara"  - World music club  in Buenos Aires
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* Dance All Night * Live Reggae * House/Techno * Rock/80's * Live Rock * A regular organized party
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DESCRIPTION: Probably the only Balkan party around, this alternative club night takes place in a different venue each month. You can look forward to live bands interspersed with DJ sets, featuring a healthy whack of gypsy electronica and Eastern European beats. The crowd is a welcoming, laidack mix of locals, students and foreigners, and there's usually a free colectivo from a central location, allowing you to make new friends at the bus stop. Fun, different and well worth $15-$20.  
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LOCATION: various, Buenos Aires See Map
TEL: WEB: http://www.fiestas-bubamara.com.ar
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One of the best parties in BA, and the most surreal. Look out for the summer events at the Konex, when you can chill out under the stars in between bouts of hectic dancing. Brilliant.

Devan from USA came here on 05/09/2008
75%      Female 18 - 24   

Had a great time at Bubamara!! The atmosphere and venue are excellent. If you like live music, as I do, definitely check this out. It will be well worth your time!

Milly from GBR came here on 09/26/2008
93%      Female 25 - 30   

A lot of fun. Brings a little variety to the weekend. Would definitely recommend it.

Federico from ARG came here on 12/19/2008
87%      Male 25 - 30   

Great atmosphere, people and music which ranged from live ska to egyptian and eastern european gypsy beats. Highly recommended for a different night out with a good vibe.

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