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83 % BANG Rating
"Buenos Aires Pub Crawl"  - Organised Parties  in Buenos Aires
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* Meet single girls / guys * A Busy Drink - * Make new friends * Monday Nights * Thursday Nights * Friday Nights * Saturday Nights
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DESCRIPTION: This is a weekly event which is as it sounds - a Pub Crawl around the happening bars and nightclubs of Buenos Aires. It normally consists mainly of young foreigners up for a good time and is an excellent opportunity to meet travellers and single people.
The pub crawls take place Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from different starting locations (see website). The organisers also put on other parties around BA from mansion house events, to boat raves, but it's best to check the website for what's on.
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PRICES: Budget  
LOCATION: , Buenos Aires See Map
TEL: 15.5115.9053 WEB: http://www.pubcrawlba.com/
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A great way to get to know the town and what it has to offer, aside from meeting new people.

Sara from GBR came here on 10/23/2008
43%      Female 18 - 24   

I have done pub crawls at home in Europe before so this was pretty much the same thing. I canĀ“t say I was disapointed but nor could I claim to be impressed with the tour. The first hour there is open pizza and drinks, but nothing to rave about. I guess this is where the majority of the cost goes for. I could have spent my 60 pesos on some smoking pizza and some great pints and saved a bit. Had hoped more locals would be around but it was lead by a man from New Zealand.

Michel from USA came here on 07/26/2014
87%      Male 18 - 24   

I've been meaning to do this review for a while now as I found out about the pub crawl from this website but basically I went for my second time on Saturday 26th and whilst the Thursday night the week prior was good the Saturday was awesome... the crowd was an awesome mix (I'm a guy so seeing that many good looking girls was quite nice) and im pretty sure the staff are crazy especially the Canadian (I think) manager and an some Aussie guy was also great value so I'll definitely be returning!!

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