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Nightclubs - Electro/Dance/Soul Club

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75 % BANG Rating
"Club Lost"  - Electro/Dance/Soul Club  in Palermo, Buenos Aires
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* Cumbia & Reggaeton * House/Techno * Hip Hop * Thursday Nights
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DESCRIPTION: This well sized club in the heart of Palermo, also known as Club Arraoz, offers a selection of different music on varying days of the week from breaks to house.
Thursday night is known as "Club Lost" which is the biggest (and possibly only) real Hip Hop night in Buenos Aires, which attracts a fair share of foreigners and Argentineans. It generally doesn't really kick off before 1am, but if you arrive early from 11pm you should get to see a performance from breakdancers - definitely worth seeing.
If you like hip hop this night is highly recommended.
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PRICES: Mid-range  
LOCATION: Araoz 2424, Palermo, Buenos Aires See Map
TEL: 4832 9751 WEB: http://www.hiphopcultureclub.com.ar
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I went when DJ Stuart was playing, who seems to be a regular for this night. Thought the music was great when the breakdancers were on until around 1am with a nice selection of old school hip hop.

Kiara from USA came here on 11/03/2011
83%      Female 18 - 24   

If you are ever in Buenos Aires on a Thursday night, Lost is where it's at! It's a guaranteed good time with plenty of sweating, dancing, and (of course) drinking. It's starts to get pretty crowded about 20 minutes before the break dancing stops, but once it gets started, it goes ALL NIGHT. Apparently, the cover charge is like 20 pesos, but I never once paid to get in. If you go early, you get in for free. The Pub Crawl also ends here, so you get free shots and entrance into the club :)

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